Blue Mountains’ Mentoring



The Blue Mountains is well known as a great place to retire and we have a significantly higher percentage of retirees here. Our Mentoring program will use their skills and knowledge to help our younger people thrive and prosper.
Too often we hear the same story…. Our young people are leaving the Mountains in droves to search for career and business opportunities. We want them to stay here and make the Mountains a fantastic place to live, work and do business.

If you have some spare time and would like to help as a mentor please give us a call. Alternatively if you are just starting out in business, in the workforce or education and you need some help we will try to link you up with someone who can help.

Our very first mentoring partnership is our own management team!

Sam Parker Davies:

“Having started several of my own projects since leaving school last year I know how important it is to have access to the right information and the right people to provide it. This programme has the potential to be extremely empowering for all young people, urging them forward to accomplish their own ideas and dreams, making an impact on the world they are a part of. I will be liaising with the youth so that this project is comprehensive and specific to their needs.”.

Sam Parker Davies
Rob Thompson

Rob Thompson:

“I am going a bit grey and getting close to retirement but there is no way I am going to hang up 40 years of business experience to sit in front of the fire in my rocking chair. We will be tapping into a rich vein of retired talent in the Mountains”​

M_IconWe are currently engaged in program design and establishing a governance and management system.
The next step after this will be to establish a Program Operations System which includes
a. Recruitment, screening and selection
b. Orientation and training
c. Utilisation and support
d. Ongoing training and personal development.