Earth Recovery developing web site for Western Sydney education centre

DSC_0074We are currently developing a free web site for the African Australian Education Centre in Western Sydney which helps children of refugees to catch up with their education.

We have been able to provide a volunteer photographer and web designer and the web site is getting close to completion. Have a look at

It’s not finished yet but starting to look great!

The Education Centre is looking for volunteers. If you have a teaching, music or arts background please let us know and we will direct you to the right person.


  1. Marion Wiley


    It is so wonderful to see these children being helped. I too received a computer from Earth recovery and I am now conmnected to the world Thank you so much for my computer. 2 months ago I didn’t know anything about computers and now I am on skype to my sister overseas. I could never have afforded a computer. You people are amazing.

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