1. Hannah


    This week I had just come to the realisation that the reason we have an ant invasion in the kitchen is because there are at least 20 packets of food on the counter top of half eaten food, 7 open boxes of various sugary cereals and a fridge and freezer and cupboards exploding with food. No way we were EVER going to eat all of it and having watched your hungry beast video I am inspired to take action. I have just announced that we are not going food shopping until the cupboards are bare and we are only buying specifically for the dishes we know we are going to cook and replace the bare essentials as we run out of them. This my pledge to action!

  2. ross


    Great video, and site. We try hard to eat our way though our fridge before we refill. Plus ignoring the “it’s a couple of days old, throw it out” mentality. The nose knows.

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