Computer Rescue

Bringing life back to landfill.

Project Coordinator – Rob Thompson

Computers are donated to Computer Rescue, some are stripped for parts and others are then refurbished and then donated back to the community.
This project involves may hours of donated time refurbishing and rebuilding computers. It makes such a difference to the lives of people and groups who would otherwise be unable to afford, what has now become a basic commodity…
More and more tasks such as job seeking and applications are done online these days. Being without a computer and associated skills can place people at a severe disadvantage.
We always need more donated computers – even if they are not in very good condition we can generally get spare parts from them … currently we are short of screens.

If you are a computer “techie” and would like to help please drop us a message!

toshWe delivered 10 computers to Toshome Weldemariam. Tosh is originally from Ethiopia in the north province of Tigray. He is setting up a music and education program to help young Ethiopian refugees successfully settle into life in Australia. We will have more details of this project as they happen. We contacted Cockos Inc, creators of the fabulous “Reaper” music sequencing software who very kindly offered to donate their product to this worthwhile cause for free. If you want to do some computer music please click here to visit their site.

We help anyone who needs a computer but would not otherwise be able to afford one… disabled and aged pensioners, refugees and support groups. If you have a need please let us know.



We know it is all worthwhile when we receive a message like this from a disabled pensioner in Blackheath:

“Words simply fail to express my most sincerest gratitude upon your most generous and unexpected kindness. It is wonderful indeed to at last possess a computer, which shall ultimately open many doors of wonder and discovery”.
Notes for donors:

If  you would like to securely erase your hard disk have a look at the Dban site.  Dban is a program that will securely and completely erase data from hard disks.
We can generally get spare parts from computer towers and boxes if they are not working but faulty screens and printers are not worth repairing and not useful for parts.