Digital Help

Project Co-ordinators – Caroline Jones and Rob Thompson



We know how you feel!

…and our aim is to help not-for-profit groups and charities navigate the digital minefield.

Constantly, not for profit groups are telling us that they just not getting value for money with their computer software, hardware and web sites.  Often it just boils down to getting bad advice from people who are only interested in maximising their own profit.

This project aims to provide volunteers who can offer good solid advice to charities and not for profit groups. Unbiased sensible advice means dollars saved!

Be it web sites, troublesome computers or software…. help is at hand!

Depending on availability of volunteers we will try to help out with more extensive help such as web site design. We are currently developing a web site for the African Australian Education Centre in Western Sydney. We were able to provide a volunteer photographer and web designer and the web site is getting close to completion. Have a look at  It’s not finished yet but starting to look great!

We need more volunteers, so if you are in the computer or web design business and want to put something back into the community please contact us!